Sunday, June 15, 2014

Linky resources: Far Far Hill

Today, I'm going to share with you the Far Far Hill website. I chanced upon it while doing a google search of digital stamps. Did you know that there is a huge collection of free digital resources that are available on the internet! To get started, you can do a google search on "free digital stamps" or "free digital backgrounds" or "free digital images" to get you started

So, what's over at Far Far Hill? There are lots of free digital backgrounds, labels and images. Most of the freebies are vintage themed so if you like to have vintage elements in your projects, this is a good resource. And the best thing is that they have no time period - this means that you can look through all their archives and these things will still be available for downloading! Do take note of their terms of use though, these free digital resources are for personal use only.

I will be posting more of these resource links in the future. These will be labelled "linky resources". I love how blogger keep tracks of all the labels you have labelled before so you don't run the risk of losing things just because you misspelled a word or forgot a spacing.

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