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Hello there! Welcome to My Craft Diary blog! (:

So you want to find out more about me?

I'm no artist - I never had formal training or lessons in any sort of artistic endeavours but it is something I always loved since I was a child. I could still remember myself in Primary 2 (that's 8 years old) being envious of my best friend who was in the art club of my primary school and they had weekly lesson-sessions. I told my mum then that I wanted to join the art club too but was given a 'no' and reasons such as 'waste of time' or 'waste of money'.

Nowadays she still believes in that (she calls what I usually do things that are for people who are very free or nothing better to do), but as a (more) grown up, she doesn't interfere that much with what I choose to do anymore.

I do however, think of myself as a crafter-cum-art journaler. A closet art journaler truth to be told. My friends know I like to do things like writing and making cards and all but no one knows about the more myself/intimate kind of art journaling I do at home. Well I do it out of my own pleasure and desire, and certainly don't want to let others judge what I do. They are very personal too, kind of like a personal diary. If you won't let others read your personal diary then why would you let them see your personal art works?

A selected list of the kind of crafting I do:
- Art journaling
- Book binding
- Card making
- Smashbooking

This is by no means exhaustive, but are the main kinds of crafting I dabble with on a more regular basis.

I can't really remember what triggered me to let my creative inner self free. It was probably something along the line of learning the existence of art jounaling. It was a creative form unlike no other I've heard and it is so free and have no rules. Eventually I decided to try it out and I'm in love with it - I don't think I can survive without doing any art journaling anymore.

Here's what I learnt on my journey so far: you don't need to produce a masterpiece to express yourself. You don't even need to like it. It just need to come out from you. And it is true. But only if you believe in it.

I get daily inspiration from things people share online and I believe that even if you don't exercise your creative muscles (i.e. do some art), at least trigger them regularly (i.e. all the visual yummies and goodies and inspirations).

So go out there and find them. Search on Google, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, whatever. Find them.

I live in the tiny island of Singapore, locally and endearingly known as the little red dot. It's not the best place to do any artistic stuff. I mean any, including music, theatre, poetry, any. But it's where I live, and where I need to cope with my creative starvations. Let's just say that things (some, or many) are hard to find or perhaps don't exist here.

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